Geothermal Energy’s Potential in Indonesia | Chhavi Virmani | TEDxYouth@GMIS

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4 Goal-Specific Ways to Measure Influencer Marketing ROI

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The best way to measure influencer marketing ROI depends heavily on your campaign goals. Learn how to make your measurements goal-specific.[Read More Continue Reading ...

The Next Big Thing Usually Starts Out Looking Like Nothing At All

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You can never create the future by targeting the Continue Reading ...

Increase Ad ROI With Audience Suppression

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Perhaps one of the most critical techniques for building a brand through advertising is audience suppression. Audience suppression involves removing specific people or groups from an advertising campaign based on whether they make conversions. For example, if you are advertising a product and a customer purchases it, it would be great to know so you don't spend money continuing to advertise that product to him. You'll want to remove him from the product campaign and, perhaps, add him to a Continue Reading ...

In emotions designing | Victoria Tarasova | TEDxSZIU

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Today, it is impossible to imagine the World without technology. People and, above all, their emotions are the battlefield for technological devices and solutions. Even when we enter the virtual reality, we experience very real emotions: happiness, sadness, frustration, euphoria, anger, interest. Individual, for the most part, is a social being, experiencing the need for real communication, the touch, the contact, for a confirmation of his existence, and the existence of the real world. Continue Reading ...

Conger eel – with deep-fried crunchy bones – in Tokyo

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Forget unagi, the overfished freshwater eel, and try the altogether subtler saltwater anago at the only Tokyo restaurant that still serves it – in lots of different ways Unagi, or freshwater eel, is so popular a dish in Japan that stocks are in serious decline. On the other hand anago – the more subtly flavoured saltwater eel – is rarely seen on Tokyo menus. The rich flavour of unagi comes from its oily skin and flesh, but anago (conger eels) are leaner, and have a softer, Continue Reading ...

Large Cap Biotechnology: Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALXN)

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Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALXN), from Healthcare sector has been on the upside of the performance Continue Reading ...

US Farmers: GMO Crops Help Reduce Inputs and Enhance Conservation

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The majority of U.S. farmers and ranchers indicate biotechnology and GMO crops as an important solution in helping raise crops more Continue Reading ...

​Cincinnati Children’s hires commercialization chief

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Wooten received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Berea College in 1986, a master's in biotechnology from the University of Georgia in 1990 Continue Reading ...

NantHealth Added to Nasdaq Biotech Index

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The annual re-ranking of the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index will become ... The company's technology empowers physicians, patients, payers Continue Reading ...